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Wedding Anniversaries

Here are a few suggestions for Anniversary gifts that you may find useful.

1st – Paper
Suggestions – A voucher, or a piece of jewellery that comes with a paper guarantee or certificate, 
such as a watch or a nice diamond.


2nd – Cotton
Not easy this! Possibly a leather cased sewing set. Or, 
how about a pair of cotton silver-cleaning mitts with a piece of silver to go with it.


3rd – Leather
Jewellery boxes, watch straps or leather cases.


4th – Fruit
Silver or crystal fruit bowl, servers or spoons. Perhaps a crystal ornamental 
stone or silver ornament shaped like a piece of fruit, or a pendant or brooch with a fruity design.
5th – Wood
Wooden jewellery boxes, wooden-cased clocks or other wood ornaments.

6th – Confectionery
Perhaps a silver sweet dish or a sugar caster, bowl or tongs.
7th – Copper
Copper jewellery, or items made with the copper & zinc alloy brass : brass-cased carriage clocks, for example.
8th – Bronze
Bronze is an alloy of copper and tin. Small ornaments, such as animal models, can 
include so-called bronze figures.
9th – Pottery
China and porcelain gift items.
10th – Tin/Pewter
Pewter gift items.
11th – Steel
Some shops stock some stainless steel trays etc., but don’t forget your range of stainless steel 
watches and cutlery.
12th – Silk
Some shops will stock silk-covered gift items, but don’t forget that a fine diamond ring 
could easily be put in a specially obtained silk covered ring case!
13th – Coral/Jade
Many shops will stock coral and jade beads and other items.
14th – Ivory
Ivory was the traditional gift, but its trade is now restricted-by-international treaty. A watch with an ivory coloured dial would be an alternative. Or how about a pendant or brooch in the shape of an elephant – with tusks!
15th – Crystal
Lead crystal glassware, crystal stones
20th – China
See 9th anniversary.
25th – Silver
30th – Pearl
35th – Platinum
  40th – Ruby
  45th – Sapphire
  50th – Gold
  55th – Emerald
  60th – Diamond