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Steffans make a smart move back to Bransom

Cutting edge jewellers Steffans returned to Bransom for its retail software system, saying that it performs smarter and better than its competitors.

Steffans, one of the UK’s leading independent jewellers with a flagship store in Northampton and a second store in Market Harborough along with a successful e-tailing business, decided to move back to Bransom after trialling a competitor’s system.

Steff Suter, owner of Steffans, says: “We were reluctant to move from Bransom, but a competitor won us over by boasting about their ‘modern system’ and live web updates which is very important to our growing online business. In reality, however, the system and support fell short of expectations and promises. We had been using an automated and integrated system – but what we moved to did not supply this and meant we had to employ more staff to do the same amount of work.”

“Our staff were delighted when we announced that we had decided to move back to Bransom and the new Bsmart system, which now has live web updates, which was the key reasons for moving away”.

Steffans join a growing number of retail jewellers who are moving to Bransom’s bsmart system, to benefit from the only fully automated jewellery stock and accounting system in the industry.

The bsmart system offers retailers a unique performance and many automated benefits over its competitors, which helps reduce costs and increases efficiency and customer service. Bransom also offer 7 days a week support.

Chris Garland, Managing Director of Bransom Retail Systems Ltd says: “We are delighted that such a prominent and dynamic company like Steffans has chosen to return to us. Steffans has always been a company that embraces change and rises to the challenges that it brings. To stand still in today’s retail market place is to miss opportunities and lose momentum. Bransom have invested heavily over recent years to meet the challenges that the economy and the new trends have had on the industry. We constantly strive to evolve, automate and streamline the business processes to stay ahead of the competition.”

“Bransom has seen strong growth over recent years in two areas of business. First the explosion of jewellery brands has meant retailers have had to invest in more automated systems in order to deal with the fast moving stock and changing trends. At the other end of the market, retailers want to reposition themselves and put in a strategy to increase productivity and customer service to meet the need of a more knowledgeable and discerning consumer without employing more staff. Both of these groups have found that Bsmart provides the solution to their problems.”