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Is your Chip & Pin integrated with your EPoS?

Is your Chip & Pin integrated with your EPoS?

Integrated Payment Solutions save costs, eliminate errors and increase revenue

If you’ve got card payment terminals, you may have them linked to your card services provider by a standard telephone line. While this may have suited you in the past, in the internet age it’s not particularly cost-effective or efficient.

  • It costs you money every time it dials the bank for a transaction.
  • Dialing over a telephone line can lead to slow response times or dropped connections.
  • You may be paying a line rental on top of your shop telephone line.
  • If sharing the line with the shop, it prevents customers calling when it’s dialing the bank, meaning you could be missing business.
  • If you have two terminals, only one can connect over the phone line at a time, meaning lost time when serving multiple customers.

What’s the answer, an internet connection?

Well, yes, to an extent, but to really benefit, you should be integrating it with your EPoS system.

In this situation, the EPoS terminal will set up the connection and pass the transaction value to the service provider so you don’t need to manually enter any information. This gives you many advantages.

  • No double keying, with associated risk of errors
    • You’re only entering the transaction once, at the till. This means that you don’t miss-key any sales on the card – imagine selling a £5000 diamond ring and only keying in £500 – it happens!
  • Speeds up customer transactions
    • This single-entry process makes sales transactions faster and makes for happy customers
    • Connections over the internet can be up to 8 times faster than a phone line
  • Payment records go straight into EPoS
  • Protects against the risk of fraud
    • There’s no chance for anyone to enter a lower value
    • PCI compliance is handled by the service provider
  • Add contactless payments and mobile wallets without extra work
    • Many systems are now set up to add contactless payments, mobile wallets and ApplePay without extra work
  • Maximises retail counter efficiency
    • Spend less time on the transaction
    • Reduce desk space needed
    • Consolidated receipts, no need for a card machine receipt printer or costly paper rolls
  • Be mobile with a wireless terminal
    • Serve in different parts of the store with a wi-fi terminal – not possible with a phone line
  • Direct integration with Stock system, no need to to enter transactions twice
    • As we’ve seen already, what goes on the till is what’s passed to the bank
  • No need for expensive phone line rental
    • Use your existing internet connections
  • Frees-up phone lines for customer calls
    • Keep the line open for business enquiries
  • Faster transactions for multiple tills
    • With a networked EPoS system, all transaction go through the system, wherever they’re taken in the shop, and can be made simultaneously
  • Faster EOD cashing-up
    • More accurate Z readings as all transaction are already approved via the EPoS till
    • No secondary adding up of the Chip & Pin terminal transactions
    • No need to reconcile terminal transactions with the EPoS till
  • Easier to train new staff
    • Less to show and train

With these advantages, why wouldn’t you use an integrated solution?

The Bransom bsmart stock management solution offers integrated Chip & Pin solutions for both its counter-based TOUCH till and the mPoS mobile terminals, with a choice of wired and/or wireless terminals. Paymentsense Connect terminals can be quickly swapped-out in the case  of failure without resetting or registering codes. Read more at